Thursday, March 5, 2009

Limited Time Leperchaun!

For a Limited time I will be making Leperchauns! This is first come first served because i don't want to run out of greens. The Leperchauns will cost $10 - haha just kidding they will cost 50 cents because they use alot of pipe cleaners. Theres a picture below...

- Nicolina

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today I gave out a lot of pipe cleaner pals and I got all the money which was nice! Thansk for remembering the money. I might bring in birth certificates tomorrow but I'm not sure. I might have a special Irish pcp that will be 50 cents because of the amount of pipe cleaners it uses. I will brign in a sample tomorrow at school and I only have a limited amount of them. If i'm not in the room, please don't take your pcp out of my folder because I need to keep track on who paid, who didn't pay, and who ordered today. I will always give out the new pals in the morning so don't worry.
Don't forget to vote on your favorite color pcp!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birth Certificate 3/3/09

I go through TONS of birth certificate papers every day. I usually print out 8-10 a day. Some times people even have to write out their own on loose leaf. I'm asking if you can just copy and paste the birth certificate(under this message) to a word document. Then you can print it out yourself instead if writing it.
So today I have a lot of pals to make and I will get them all done tonight and give them to you tomorrow at school. I will collect the 25 cents when i give you your new pal. If you don't have your 25 cents, then your willl not recieve your pal until you pay for it.
Well, my sister Maria is helping me make all the birth certificates, business cards, and web site info so I have help to keep everything organized so I won't forget to make your new pipe cleaner pal!
Birth Certificate

Name of Parent- _____________________________________
Name of child- ______________________________________
Color Band- __________________________________________
Height- _____________________________________________
Weight- _____________________________________________
Birth Date- __________________________________________
Signature- ___________________________________________
Girl or Boy

Parent- _____________________________________________
Child- _______________________________________________
Color- ______________________________________________
Color Bow- __________________________________________
Color Band- __________________________________________
Birth Date- __________________________________________
Signature- ___________________________________________

Monday, March 2, 2009

PCP Adoptions!

Welcome to the pipe cleaner pal adoptions website!
I will try to update this as much as possible.
Well, I will taek your orders in class and you will recieve your pal the next day!
I'll see you in school!